Costa Verde, Lima, Peru.
Costa Verde, Lima, Peru.

Mission Statement

Follow EGS is dedicated to preserving the marine and natural environments through scientific research, cutting edge natural resource management, and sound environmental initiatives and educational programs that focus on people needs, science, and technology.

Vision Statement

Follow EGS envisions creating environmental stewardship through its programs and initiatives by providing “bridges” among institutions for the benefit of society, science, and the environment.

Who We Are and What We Do

Follow EGS is a non for profit environmental organization that focuses on building collaborations among organizations and institutions to further scientific research and enhance marine conservation and education by means of technology use and capacity building for the benefit of society and the oceans. Our organization concentrates most of its work in rural areas and developing countries.  Follow EGS is dedicated to building bridges between scientists and local communities to design, develop, and implement research projects, initiatives, and programs that increase the understanding and knowledge about nature and oceans. Collaboration is embedded in all aspects of Follow EGS’s culture and offers the solid foundation on which the organizational pillars rest, which include: research, education, and technology.  In turn these support three main focal areas: scientific development, societal benefit, and natural resource management. Follow EGS works independently or in collaboration and will provide support to existing projects.
Follow EGS aims to support research projects where lack of equipment, materials, and technological knowledge are preventing or limiting the outcomes of the project. By bring the scientific community and material resources together through mutual collaboration, EGS seeks to build a global scientific network that will benefit the environment and society.



Follow EGS works on developing research projects that directly benefit local communities and the environment. Through key collaborative partnerships with institutions and individuals that share Follow EGS’s philosophy, our organization seeks to augment the quality of research proyects and number of projects in areas where research is much needed.  Follow EGS will collaborate with local and international organizations in addition to working with local communities and the public in general to identify research needs, design research projects, and implement ways to incorporate those findings into local needs.


We believe in the power of education and recognize that scientific research findings must be transmitted effectively to the general public to motivate people to change.  It is only through direct involvement, efficient capacity building, and a strategic merge of research and education that environmental stewardship can be achieved.


Access to technology allows researchers and students to engage in cutting edge research.  Lack of equipment and technical know-how can and will limit the researcher’s ability to conduct valid and meaningful research.  Follow EGS seeks to facilitate local researchers with cutting edge technology and technical training through partnerships and collaboration programs.  At the same time Follow EGS seeks to introduce students to the use of technology by providing the technical know-how and competitive edge that is needed in the modern world.

Bahia de Paracas, Ica, Peru.

"More than 1 billion people depend on fish from the ocean as their primary source of protein"