Blog – Dec 20, 2017

Posted by Eduardo G. Salcedo on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It is getting colder in Florida and manatees are beginning to look for refuge in inland waters and freshwater springs. When visiting these areas exercise “manatee etiquette”. Give them their space, respect them, do not touch them and do not give them water of feed them. If boating please obey the manatee speed zones.

The first time I saw a manatee, it was at the zoo in Lima-Peru when I was a young kid. It was an Amazonian manatee, similar to our species, but a little bit smaller in size. I was very intrigued by its strange shape and the amount of lettuce they ate. I recall thinking: It is not a seal or a dolphin, what are they?

I went to the school library and read all I could find about them. That is when I learned that there are four species world-wide and that they are all threatened and endangered. I also read about the Steller’s sea cow, a giant species that was hunted to extinction in 1768.

I plan on going back there this winter and photograph them. It never gets old.

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