Blog – Nov 20, 2017

Yesterday, I asked if you could name some of the most productive areas in the ocean. I received a number of responses and want to thank you for sharing them with us.

Each of these areas is unique and special. They have been recognized by scientists to be extremely important for the health of our oceans. Their protection is essential for maintaining the overall health of the ocean and it's future could very much depend on them.

The ocean off the coast of Peru is one of the most productive oceans in the world. It's nutrient rich waters influences the northern Tropical Pacific Sea of Peru and results in high levels of endemic species and biodiversity. The area is a proposed marine protected area and Peru's first Hope Spot.

For several years many people have been working to protect this biologically rich area. One of the goals has been to achieve official legal protection. We are still working towards that goal that to this date has eluded us.

Please take a few minutes to watch a short video we prepared that showcases this unique area. It is extremely important to get the word out and we would appreciate if you share it. We need the world to see it!!

Thank you to Yuri Hooker Mantilla from the UPCH, and Daniel Cáceres Bartra from Sustainable Oceans Alliance-Peru for providing the video material to produce this piece.

Deb Castellana, Kip Evans, Nina Pardo, Scarlett Arana, Joakim Odelberg, Klara Macciotta,

Estimados amigos de Peru y el mundo,
por favor vean y compartan este pequeño video sobre El Mar Tropical del Peru. Aun hay mucha gente que esta trabajando para proteger esta zona especial y rica en biodiversidad

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