The Costa Verde Nature and Marine Interpretive Center

This is Follow EGS's signature project. Our organization seeks to establish a nature and marine interpretive center in Lima to bring natural environments and people together under the expertise of trained professionals and cutting edge educational interactive programming.

Lima has over 12,000,000 inhabitants and faces tremendous environmental challenges such as pollution, an ever growing population, poverty, over exploitation of natural resources, and lack of adequate environmental education opportunities.  There is no such a center in Lima or adjacent areas.  The center will close the gap that exists between the needs and the educational opportunities the center will offer.  The proposed center will act as the area's anchor point and will also serve as a tourist attraction.

The nature center will serve the community and will foster connections between people and their natural environment.  The proposed nature center will serve as EGS’s flagship and will act as a place for research, collaboration, training, education, recreation, and inspiration.  At the center, visitors will learn about natural and cultural resources and how to protect and care for them.

The center will feature interactive exhibits, laboratories, classrooms, visitor facilities, and interpretive information.  Ultimately, the center will act as a Residential Environmental Learning Center (RELC) where visiting participants could engage in multi-day, in-depth experiences to learn about the nature and the ocean.  It will provide lodging and meals, along with outdoor and environmental education programming.

Playa Pescadores dock. Lima,Peru.

Islas Palomino sea lion colony. Callao- Peru






​Public involvement, and collaboration with local communities are embeded in Follow EGS's culture

See the Sea/ Ver el Mar InitiativeFollow EGS’s mission is to take the message of marine conservation beyond the ocean realm into the highlands and Amazonian region of Peru.  Follow EGS will work with organizations and schools in these regions to select groups of students who have shown interest in science and who have never seen the ocean before and invite them for a week long marine adventure to discover the secrets of the ocean.

Participants will return to their communities and act as marine ambassadors.  Lodging and expenses in Lima will be covered through grants and donations.






Exposure to the natural environment through direct contact can help nurture environmental sensitivity and responsibility.

​"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." (Benjamin Franklin)